Mike Matusow at It Again: $10,000 Bet on “Kid Poker”

It isn’t the first time that poker guru Mike Matusow is hitting the headlines with his controversial ways of spending his bankroll. At the beginning of the second quarter of 2020, Matusow bet $5,000 of his bankroll on President Donald Trump to win the November elections. Well, it is just a matter of weeks to see if his “fishing expedition” materializes again.

Mike Matusow took to his official Twitter account and explained to the world how he placed $10,000 of his $20,000 to place a risky and daring bet on Negreanu to win. According to the tweet, Mike Matusow cashed out 4:1 of his stake at the end of the game.

Mike Matusow is a four-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner with millions of dollars in revenues for poker tournaments.

Aggressive Bankroll Management

Other professional poker players took to the internet to show their concern about Matusow’s “myopic” bankroll management. For instance, Doug Polk is quoted telling him not to do it, while Negreanu remained confused about the situation. However, Negreanu didn’t seem to disagree with Matusow as his response was a simple gif.

If Matusow had lost the bet, he would only remain with a $5,000 bankroll, given the other $5,000 is still wallowing in uncertainty on President Trump’s reelection. Fans from the comment section still acknowledge this as the craziest bet of the fourth quarter, especially on a player like Negreanu.

Daniel Negreanu the “Kid Poker”

In his tweet, Hellmuth views Daniel as an amazing heads up player, (no special accolades) but still goes ahead to risk $20,000 on him just to win $80,000. However, he later acknowledges that it’s only the price that made him bet on Negreanu. So, could he doubt the person who is going to make him some good money? Hellmuth is also a 15-time WSOP bracelet winner with millions of dollars in revenues from poker tournaments.

The Bet Sways Other High-Rollers

It doesn’t seem like Mike Matusow is the only high-roller who takes to Twitter to express his prowess and pattern of luck. Ali Imsirovic took to Hellmuth’s Twitter as well and promised to wager $400,000to bag straight $100,000 from Hellmuth. However, up to now, Hellmuth hasn’t responded to Imsirovic’s tweet. Ali Imsirovic is a 25-year old poker pro who boasts up to $.8.9 million in revenues from poker tournaments.

There are many public opinions regarding the abnormal cash that young professionals are willing to splash on Polk’s match against Negreanu. The two controversial players agreed to slot their match for 1st November, which will be mostly on WSOP.com.