The Promising Poker Future in Colorado Market

Although the November three election overshadowed the Colorado amendment 77 vote, citizens in the three gaming Centers in the State had everything to smile about. On this occasion, Black Hawk, Cripple Creek and Central City were allowed to decide whether they could remove or increase casino game betting limits. This also includes poker.

Colorado bets were capped at one hundred dollars as a result of a 2008 law. Hold ’em games held at venues such as Golden Gates Poker Parlour- known to host several HPT (Heartland Poker Tour) and MSPT (Mid-States Poker Tour) are spread as limit/spread – limit $2-$100. Isle Casino, Ameristar Black Hawk and Golden Gates Poker rooms reopened in September after being closed down for months due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Are the Gaming Advocates Happy?

Well, the gaming advocates had everything to smile about since the measure passed with nearly 60 percent of the vote. This is to say that the gaming communities can now extend their offerings both in limits and new casino games.

Bruce Brown-a former Cripple Creek Mayor pointed out in a statement that they appreciate the fact that Coloradans backed up their town’s right to define the future. That way, they can create more economic opportunities to better the lives of people working there. However, he made it clear that things may not take a U-Turn right away, but they will surely get back on track sooner or later.

However, the measure opponents are of the idea that the change would only increase gambling problems. All the same, the supporters, led by three primary operators in Black Hawk, which include Monarch Casino Resort, Penn National and Caesars Entertainment, claimed that tax revenue from the casino would be spent on graduate and college programs. This means that 78 percent of casino revenue is purposely for such programs. Twelve percent will be for two neighboring counties, which include Teller and Gilpin, while 10% will go towards the towns.

The measure has attracted great support even from the Colorado Chamber of Commerce and Colorado Gaming Association.

Have the Local venues Embraced the Change?

Golden Gates’ Poker Manager- John Padmore was among the most excited people upon the passing of Colorado Amendment 77. He mentioned that passing Amendment 77 was worthwhile as it allowed the voters in all gaming cities such as Cripple Creek, Central City and Black Hawk to approve the games allowed in their specific cities and the maximum betting limits through a local election. This change will be implemented by May 1 2021.

According to him, no limits would be applied in Black Hawk. It is exciting to see Colorado compete with giant gaming markets such as Nevada. He also pointed out that the passing of Amendment 77 will take travel and tourism within the area to greater heights. Therefore, Black Hawk will be a destination for players who are after a more incredible action plus other entertainment options.