WSOP Kicks US Super Series Circuit Into Action

WSOP has officially kicked off its US Super Series online in what promises to be a crazy December for the world of poker. Of course, the competition industry has been ruined throughout 2020 thanks to the ongoing pandemic, but WSOP intends to head on out of 2020 with a serious bang.

18 WSOP Gold Rings on Offer

The series started over the holiday weekend for players in both New Jersey and Nevada. It all comes to an end on December 14th, and WSOP states there will be a total of 18 gold rings on offer, matching the total of 18 days of competition. It also includes a guaranteed prize pot totalling $1 million.

However, this series isn’t without its own controversy.

It turns out that WSOP only announced this competition on November 20th. That was merely 7 days before the action was to start. Considering the issues with getting around right now, it made it tough for players to pack up and get to either New Jersey or Nevada to take part. Also, we have various other poker competitions happening all at the one time with both online and offline becoming more available.

Buy-In Levels Announced

WSOP has also revealed the buy-in levels for this series. They range from as low as $215 and climb to a maximum of $1k. Reentry is also possible, and WSOP has listed the calendar of events including the guaranteed prize pot for each over the course of the 18 days of action.

Also, there’s a Main Event scheduled for December 12th, and that’s going to have a buy-in of $525, so it sits perfectly in the middle. They do plan to have satellite events linked to the main as well, so ample opportunity for players to test their skills against others. This Main Event promises a guaranteed prize pool of $200k.

Early Days Show Promise

The first few competitions have been completed at the time of writing, and they show significant interest by players. This has led to the guaranteed prize pool being dwarfed by what’s on offer. Instead of $50k, the prize pool has been around the $100k mark, and that is cool. Also, in Event 2 and Event 3, the eventual winner walked off with close to $25k in prize money, and it’s anticipated that it won’t be long until the events get close to a prize pool of around $200k without it being linked to that Main Event. At the current uptake of participants, we have no idea how high the prize pool will climb before we get to that final day showdown.

Of course, this is all a side-show to the new 2020 WSOP main event taking place online and culminating in a showdown in Nevada which has also kicked off via GGPoker. This all culminates on December 15th with a final table showdown in Las Vegas with huge prize money on offer. However, it’s cool to know that US-based poker players are also going to get some action with this smaller series as well.