Bovada is Doing its Own 12 Days of Christmas

Bovada launched its own version of the 12 days of Christmas on December 5 with a special turbo tournament for poker players in the United States. Complete with $2.3 million in guarantees, this is yet another example of the way in which quarantine has had a major impact on the world of poker with more money appearing in the online game than ever before.

Multiple Tournaments Over Multiple Days

Finishing on December 16, Bovada is running multiple tournaments each day, so there’s ample opportunity to get involved at some point. Also, it’s clear from the outset that this tournament is going to surpass the guarantees if you look at the prize pots for the first four competitions. With Event 4, the guarantee was set at $25k but the actual prize pot was $42k, and that’s a huge difference.

The tournaments themselves tend to start early in the morning and roll over into evenings, and with staggered start times, it does mean you have no excuse to miss out. However, you do want to get in near the start of the tournament before it builds up to the Main Events.

Main Events with the Bovada Tournament

The main action takes place on December 13, a full three days before the tournament is officially over. Here, there are three main events planned with different buy-in levels, but they are still affordable to most. Guarantees with the events on this day rise as high as just over $120k for what is seen as being the absolute main event, but clearly, this will also attract the most entrants. In other words, you can expect the prize pot to be significantly above that $120k figure. However, the buy-in for the big event is set at $270, but even that is not as high as a number of the other tournaments available online right now.

Other Buy-Ins Throughout the Tournament

There is a multitude of other buy-ins for days outside of the main event, and the cool part is that some of them are as low as $1, and that is pretty unheard of with a tournament where the prize pot is so huge. Even if we look at the satellites for the main event, then the buy-ins are as low as $13.20, and that’s impressive.

It’s clear that Bovada Poker has sought to make these tournaments as easy as possible to gain entry to, and with a wide range of prize pots on offer, it should attract players of various calibers. Of course, the prizes speak for themselves, and with even the first few tournaments delivering larger prizes than anticipated, we have to wait and see how the later tournaments perform with prize money on offer.

If you want to play, then you need to get involved fast. Check out what Bovada Poker has to say about their special turbo tournament, and get your buy-in arranged because there’s every chance you could end up being one of the lucky individuals that win some kind of prize money before these 12 special days of tournaments comes to an end.