Colorado Casinos to Scrap Betting Limits and Introduce New Poker Games in Spring 2021

Poker players in Colorado casinos will be able to place bets over $100 later in 2021, following the approval of amendment 77 by state legislators.

Casinos in the three gambling towns, Black Hawk, Central City, and Cripple Creek, can increase betting limits from May 2021. Players will also be able to access new poker and table games in Colorado as part of the new law.

New Law Release Poker Shackles in Colorado

Colorado casinos are now offering a Las Vegas-style gaming experience after the passing of amendment 77. As a result, players will be able to place unlimited single-bet wagers, which will appeal to the higher limit crowd.

Previously, Colorado poker games prevented players from raising stakes beyond $100 due to state law. However, the rules will ensure poker players can increase the amount above $100, or move all-in, regardless of the amount they have in their stack.

Amendment 77 was first approved by voters in November 2020. Black Hawk, Central City, and Cripple Creek councils have reacted quickly to ensure it gained momentum. The loosening of betting restrictions will put Colorado casinos on a par with many other states.

The latest law changes come as Colorado casinos are eager to keep residents traveling out of the state to bet in alternative venues. Before amendment 77, Colorado and South Dakota were the only U.S states with enforced wagering limits.

In addition to new, unlimited single bet wagers, more poker games will be available for players from May 2021 in Colorado. Before amendment 77, only spread-limit hold’em was available in Colorado casinos. However, for the first time in the state’s history, players will be able to play traditional no-limit hold’em cash games.

Furthermore, other traditional poker games, such as Baccarat, keno, and pai gow poker, will be available in Colorado.

The Future of Poker in the Centennial State

The approval of amendment 77 increases poker players’ potential to earn more and play more widely in Colorado from spring 2021. As a result, poker activity could rise in the state as players can utilize the greater freedom of unlimited single bet wagers in poker games.

By comparison, Florida experienced an expansion in poker activities after it passed a similar law in 2010.

But in reaction to the new laws, Ameristar Casino Resort and Spa General Manager, Sean Demeule, pointed out that Colorado will not suddenly turn into the Las Vegas strip. Demeule also outlined that the new laws will help Colorado casinos to compete with similar states.

“This is not a game-changer for us. When I say it’s not a game-changer, I mean I don’t expect it to grow revenue by hundreds of millions of dollars every year. It just allows us to have some parity with neighboring states.” Demuele said.

Even though the new laws won’t come into effect until May 2021, Colorado officials started removing terminology in the state gambling law that referenced the $100 limit. Furthermore, new poker and table games are subject to approval from the Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission.