Poker Game Show to be Streamed Live on the Internet

Poker fans have always been interested in watching a good cash game live. Cash games, the ultimate test of a poker player’s ability, have recorded major success over the years. One of Southern California’s most popular poker rooms will host cash games as the team behind a popular cash game program has decided to take their talents to them.

Hustler Casino Live

Hustler Casino in the city of Gardena, CA, will bring a new streaming cash game show to the air, and it will be hosted by Nick Vertucci and Ryan Feldman. The show is expected to start in 2021; however, the covid-19 restrictions at the time will influence the exact date of release. Hustler Casino Livewill be the name of the show, and it will feature different No-Limit Hold’em cash game options. Viewers will get the opportunity to fully understand what it takes to play at different bankroll levels, as stakes for the live show will range from $5/$5 to a maximum of $100/$200.

Both hosts are experienced in this format, which is why it is more likely that we will witness an excellent product delivery. Ryan is responsible for creating the show, “Live at the Bike”, which featured cash game actions. A likely reason for the availability of Feldman is the closure of casinos and poker rooms across the Golden State following the covid-19 pandemic.

Hustler Casino Live is on pause mode as a result of the pandemic, following recent lockdown orders as the covid-19 cases in the state are increasing. Two US states have seen over one million people infected with the virus, Texas being one, and California the other. In what seems to be a second wave of the pandemic, the state government is taking steps to curb the further spread – which includes shutting down casinos and poker rooms, amongst other facilities.

Streaming Shows Popularity

Streaming poker programs have always been popular among poker fans. However, one show was an exception as it ended badly. Live at the Bike was the first cash game program to stream online. It started in 2005 and was live for five days a week. The main idea of the show was to try to show the realities of the poker world. To further highlight that, the crew showed cash game players who might be playing with their rent money, a somewhat common phenomenon in the poker world. In 2019, one of the largest pots in the show’s history was recorded – $438,900.

Stones Live started their show out of Stones Gambling Hall, looking to ride on the success of Live on the Bike. Mike Postle, a player, pulled off a mind-blowing feat as he allegedly won $300,000 through the $1/$3 cash game on the show. He always seemed to make the right decision, be it a bluff or a fold. However, an examination of footage from the show brought to light claims of Postle’s misconduct and maybe that of the card room. The case got settled out of court, with Stones Gambling Hall paying a sizeable amount. Mike filed a lawsuit of his own against accusers, and has since then not been spotted in a card room.

As things are, Hustler Casino Live will have an audience as soon as it goes live, especially as Live at the Bike is no longer operational. The games will be operational as soon as things are deemed to be under control.