The PokerStars Winter Series Schedule Announced For Players in Spain, France, Italy, and Portugal

Poker players in the Spain, France, Italy, and Portugal can now get excited as the PokerStars Winter Series announces its commencement date. The series is scheduled to run for three weeks, from December 25 through to January 17.

There is a set of events for players resident in Spain, France, and Portugal, with players in Italy set with a different lineup. The Winter Series for players in Spain, France, and Portugal is made up of 303 events with over 15 million euros in guaranteed prize pools and the Main Event of a 1 million euro guaranteed prize scheduled to take place on January 10. All tournaments buy-ins range from as little as 5 euros to 250 euros, making it easy for anyone to partake.

The Winter Series Ticket

The Winter Series Ticket Machine promo offers players the chance to win tickets into the PokerStars Winter Series, with about 200,000 euros available to be given out from December 28 to January 10. To partake in the Ticket Machine draw, one is expected to have participated in a Winter Series event. A player gets more entries into the draw with the higher their buy-ins are.

The special Spin & Go’s game also offers players the opportunity to win a buy-in into the Winter Series Main Event by skill and sheer luck. The entry costs only 12.5 euros. This is, however, opened to players in Spain and France only, as players in Portugal are deemed ineligible to partake.

The PokerStars’ managing director and commercial officer of poker, Severin Rasset, commented during the announcement of the commencement of the PokerStars Winter Series that the Winter Series has over time become a principal event in the brand’s offering for Southern and Italy and that they were excited to close off this very distinctive year with it. He stated the brand’s claim and drive, to give players a chance to qualify for the series by the allocation of $225,000 in tickets, meant to be distributed across various channels. They are hopeful that this gesture will bring some cheer to the community at large.

The PokerStars Winter Series scheduled to hold in Italy is, in fact, smaller than that of their European counterpart, but then again, it is only but one county. It is made up of 142 events with a 6 million euros guaranteed prize pool, which a big leap from the 5 million euros guaranteed prize pool of last year. The Main Event is scheduled to hold on January 10, same as Spain, France, and Portugal, but with 500,000 euros guaranteed prize.

Italy also offers the 12.5 euros Spin & Go’s game to players, giving them a chance to get buy-in into the Winter Series Main Event. The buy-in ranges from 5 euros to 250 euros in line with that of their counterparts.

Brand Expansion

PokerStars has secured the Brazilian soccer star Neymar Jr as a brand ambassador in their bid to extend the brand’s reach. Neymar Jr. confirmed this in a statement saying he was excited to begin a new journey with PokerStars. He said playing cards is a part of his life that the public does not know about, as he shared how he always competes with his friends in a game of cards. He stated that it is a passion of his, that he loves the sense of community and unpredictable moments that it offers. He also talked about how keen he is about creating moments for the community and fans around the world.