2014 WSOP Champion Team with Jattin to Offer Online Poker Lessons

Martin Jacobson is teaming up with poker pro Farid Jattin to offer online poker lessons. The 2014 World Series of Poker (WSOP) winner, Martin, alongside Jattin have prepared a series of incredible information any elite level poker player would need to make in poker tournaments. The courses will occur every Tuesday and Thursday through January and February. The first and second lessons have already occurred, but you still have time to enroll and benefit from any upcoming classes.

All you’ll need is a computer, Wi-Fi, and Zoom to participate in the lesson. You also have to pay $1500 for a lesson or $75/ for an hour. This means you can take one hour lesson on Tuesday and the second on Thursday. If you pay for the full package, which is $1500, you will also get an exclusive membership to the discord channel, where you will acquire even more poker playing skills.

More About the Course

The two-hour course will consist of 15 students and will take place via zoom. According to Jacobson, each participant will acquire basic playing poker skills by the end of a session. The two poker experts have optimized the course so that players will learn what to do when they play and why they should do it. Ideally, the participant will learn various poker principles that apply to multiple situations.

Some of the things you can expect to learn about include raise first in charts, bubble play, defending the big blind, final table play, and several other concepts. Moreover, expect to meet special guest appearances that will make the learning a thrilling experience. Although poker is a complex game, Martin and Farid promise to make it understandable.

Why Martin and Farid Are the Best

What is more entertaining than to learn from the best? Martin and Farid have major accomplishments in the poker world. In the past decade, the two have acquired numerous skills that would help you improve your game. Moreover, this is not the first time the two are offering a poker class. In the past, Martin and Farid have trained current high rollers and mid-professional poker players. According to Jattin, his previous students begin to win various poker tournaments after his class.

With their high success rate and a group environment class, Martin and Farid promise fun and successful class. The poker experts will begin the lesson by presenting visually engaging content. Students will also ask as many questions as they want throughout a session to help elevate their understanding. Overall, Martin and Farid will provide a personalized session to ensure each student understands every concept and becomes a better poker player.

The Course Features a Social Concept

Citing a 12-month challenging period due to the coronavirus pandemic that affected live poker tournaments, Jacobson said he had missed the game’s social concept. Jacobson noted that most of his success results from interacting with other people he crosses during poker events. Therefore, Jacobson feels that a social idea or providing the course to a group of students will help bring out the missing social concept.

As players who are used to share their skills with those who want to, martin and Farid take online channels to share their talents. You can benefit from these skills by sending an email to either Martin or Farida to book your spot. Sign up early as there are a few remaining slots.