Luke Reeves Wins His Second Super MILLION$ Title

Luke Reeves triumphs at the Super MILLION$ event, defeating right other players at the final table to clinch the title.

On Dec. 10, 2020, he won his first GGPoker Super MILLION$ title and secured a $381,241 prize money. On January 26, after going against some of the best poker players in the world at the Super MILLION$ final table, he emerged as the winner with a prize of $408,406.

GGPoker Super MILLION$ Final Table Results


1 | Luke Reeves | Ireland | $408,406

2 | David Yan New | Zealand | $314,924

3 | Daniel Dvoress | Canada | $242,839

4 | Mike Watson | Canada | $187,255

5 | Ole Schemion | Austria | $144,393

6 | Eelis Parssinen | Finland | $111,342

7 | Melker Larsson | Mexico | $85,856

8 | Jonathan Proudfoot | United Kingdom | $66,204

9 | Connor Drinan | Canada | $51,050

The first player to exit the final table was Connor Drinan, and he was also the player with the shortest stack. At the 35,000 / 70,000 / 8,500a level, Drinan was unstuck as he shoved 10 big blinds with king-queen and thereafter ran into Mike Watson’s ace-queen in the big blind. Drinan was forced to exit the table with $51,050 in winnings.

The next player to exit the table did so at the same level. The only British player at the final table, Jonathan Proudfoot was next to leave with prize money of $66,204.

Larsson’s $100 Satellite Turns in $85,856

Mekler Larsson finished at the seventh position with an $85,856 prize money with a $100 satellite entry.

Larsson came into the final table with the most number of chips and as such the chip lead. Dvoress with ace-ten, raised slightly more than twice the big blind to 220 from the cutoff. David Yan with ace-king made it 567,000 to go from the bottom, Larsson four-bet was jammed for 2,011,254 from the big blind, which saw only David calling. Larsson was sent to the curbs with an ace on the flop.

The finish player, Eelis Parssinen was next to hit the curbs in the sixth position with winnings of $111,342. Parssinen doubled with ace-four against Dvoress’ ace-queen but had his stack reduced thereafter.

At the 70,000 / 140,000 / 17,500a level, Parssinen moved all-in for 537,552 with his queen-seven of clubs but was met with Yan’s ace-king of hearts in the small blind. He was out by the turn and the final table was reduced to five players.

Five Players to One Ultimate Winner

Ole Schemion was the next to bust, leaving with prize money of $144,393 in a massive pot.

Mike Watson’s run was short-lived as his micro-stack went into the middle during the next hand with ace-king, then with pocket deuces, Dvoress called from the big blind. Watson missed the board and the board was reduced to three players. He secured a winning of $187,255.

Despite being the chip leader, Daniel Dvoress was the next player to exit the table with a total winning of $242,839.

The final hand had Yan raising to 550,000 with pocket fives, Reeves moved three-bet all in with ace-ten and Yan called with his last 4,701,536 chips. Reeves having improved to a club flush, had Yan resign by the next turn, ending with prize money of $314,924 and Reeves scoring the too prize of $408,406.