Washington State Poker


Washington is a gamblers’ paradise, with a large range of venues. Over 100 casinos are situated there, and a majority of them are on tribal lands. These were established in the 1990s after compacts with the tribes were signed by the state. If you enjoy playing your online poker games, then in this State you are out of luck. They have strict anti-internet gaming laws which were introduced in 2006. This makes it a crime, even for the players, to transfer betting details on the network. Failed attempts to have these sanctions watered down have been made, and even a failed effort to get this law was struck down in 2010.


Washington is one of the few states in America to explicitly call online poker as a criminal offense. Worse, the crime is considered a felony. In 2006, then-State Senator Margarita Prentice introduced a bill to make online poker a crime with a fine of $10,000 or a term of five years in jail as the punishment. When most states were threatening to penalize online gaming operators, Prentice decided to prosecute the players in Washington. She got her to wish when the then Governor Christine Gregoire signed the bill into law in June. Thus, online poker has been a crime in Class C since then. In 2008, a Seattle attorney named Lee Rousso sued the state for the right to play online poker. The case was ultimately dismissed by the Washington State Supreme Court in 2010, prompting several appeals and support from the then-influential Poker Players Alliance.

Poker rooms/casino

There are several casino rooms available in Washington. The Royal Casino is one such room. The tables are clean and the chairs are comfortable for a lengthy session. There is a no smoking policy in this room and they have televisions on the wall to keep you occupied during the games with the slow spread limit. Casino players also get drink and food service while playing at the table. They run a wide range of bonuses and promotions on top of this, including a high hand bonus at most times.

Quinault Beach Casino’s room is spacious and quiet without smoking, making for a good atmosphere for playing. They have TVs and comfortable chairs on the walls so that you can put in a long session and stay amused. At the table, you can also get a drink and food service and they are running a high-hand incentive and other promotions.

Fortune Poker Room also has a non-smoking setting with a nice, comfortable table and chairs. They also have strategically positioned TVs around the room so you can keep updated on all the latest sporting outcomes while playing. This poker room provides bonuses for players and jackpots including high prices for the cards. The players can also get simple drinks and refreshments while playing.

Hideaway Casino has leather chairs and clean tables in its room. It is also a non-smoking poker room. This poker room has the strategic location of four huge TVs across the room to keep its customers amused as they play. Players at the table in this poker room are served cocktails and food.

The Yakama Legends Casino room features brown felt tables set against a cream, gold, and beige backdrop on a vibrant carpet. The room lighting is perfect for longer sessions and is no-smoking entirely. They also serve food and drinks at the table to players and have a variety of promotions and jackpots to keep you coming back for more, such as a high hand draw.

The Last Frontier Casino is spacious for your convenience, clean, and non-smoking. They even have strategically spaced televisions around the table to keep you entertained in between hands. They also serve players food and cocktails at the table and have high hand prizes to keep you coming back for more. This is a fun poker room where workers and customers go out of their way to ensure that everybody has a good time.

Tulalip Casino– this no smoking poker room features wall-to-wall TVs and blue felt tables against a predominantly blue and black pattern carpet decor. The room is softly lit and is a perfect place to play poker. You can order food and drinks from the table in this poker room, and they also have several jackpots and promotions to drive your rake dollars forward, at least for the lucky player.

Online poker sites

Some online rooms are available for bettors. One of which is BetOnline Poker that is regarded as one of the best poker sites in the US market. Since 1991, the poker brand has been around, but its online poker service only came into effect in 2011. This hasn’t proven to be a bad thing, as at that time the company was able to take advantage of the issues surrounding Black Friday and catapult itself up the success ladder quickly.

Juicy Stakes Poker isn’t one of the world’s most popular poker sites but its services aren’t inferior to some of the more popular alternatives out there. The website was launched in 2013 and has since evolved. Juicy Stakes Poker also has a range of casino games operated by trusted software providers in addition to a wide selection of poker games and tournaments.

The second-largest poker network is Blackchip Poker and it welcomes players from all over the world. This includes players from the US, which is advantageous for both parties. These players are provided with a high-quality poker room and premium service while BlackChip Poker is granted access to one of the largest poker player bases. Over the years, this site has developed a remarkable reputation, given it has existed since 2008.