Stevens Bert Is the Winner for the Battle of Malta High Roller

Last week culminated in Stevens Bert registering another big win, just a few months into triumphantly winning the GGPoker Super MILLIONS and walking away with $393,362. Again, Stevens just walked away with a whopping $437,548 from the Battle of Malta High Roller Championship, which concluded on November 8.

The event had a $2,475,000 prize pool, way much than the popularized $2 million in guaranteed winnings. The admission into the event was $5,250 and attracted about 495 poker players from across the globe. Stevens Bert is a player to watch out for in the upcoming online tournaments.

Other Notable Winners for the Battle of Malta

Canada stole the show with two players from the country garnering the second and the third positions, after Bert. Darren Elias won $320,721, while Kyle Menard bagged $235,088.

It is also important to highlight that two Israeli nationals also managed to reach the final table and walked away with $67,864 and $36,462 at positions seven and nine, respectively. Austria’s Dario Sammartino finished abruptly at position six, winning $92,584.

Russia and Poland enjoyed a spirited representation from JokerFace and Davidi Kitai, who managed positions four and five, to walk away with $172,318, and $126,309, respectively. Davidi Kitai is a Triple Crown winner, and his exemplary performance doesn’t come as a surprise.

Many fans expected Darren Elias to topple Bert Stevens in the last game, but that one didn’t come to pass. Nevertheless, Darren Elias is the proud holder of four World Poker Tour titles and the second most valued player in the just-concluded event.

High Roller Big Game

The tournament had many events, including the High Roller Big Game, whose admission was set at $2,600. About 157 pro players managed to pull a $398,750 prize pool. United Kingdom’s Jonathan Proudfoot bagged $89,997, the top prize in the category.

Abdelhakim Zoufri from Netherlands conceded defeat to Proudfoot, finishing at position two, with a $64,788 prize. Other notable players who graced the final table include Austria’s Pascal Hartmann and Christopher Putzwho won $47,180 and $33,893 at positions three and four, respectively.

Battle of Malta High Roller Championship is just one of the multiple online tournaments organized by GGPoker in November alone. Currently, GGPoker hosts an ongoing third-series High Rollers Week tournament that commenced on November 8 and has up to $22 million in guaranteed cash and prizes. GGPoker will soon become the king of online poker global tournaments. Thus, poker players still have more other millions for grabs before the end of the last quarter.